Qi Gong (Energy Arts) and the criteria of a complete method (by Manos Tamiolakis)

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Qi Gong is an ancient Chinese system of self-cultivation aiming at the promotion of health and the aid of liveliness for the achievement of longevity. At the same time it cultivates consciousness and self-knowledge.

It is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (as e.g. the acupuncture) and mainly on the classic Taoist philosophy too. The practitioner learns how to harmonize his own energies with the fundamental energies of the Sky (Yang) and Earth (Yin). Qi Gong substantially allows the practitioner to adapt his own energy to the infinite energy of the Universe.

Trying to give a more comprehensible explanation to the simple reader, we could say that, birth has been given to each one of us with a concrete quantity of fundamental energy (Jing: Quintessence), which is hereditary and determines the stamina, as well as the duration of our life. Through our daily work, our habits, our feelings and thoughts, our good or bad life, we consume or waste this fundamental energy. When it is completely exhausted, natural death comes.

The old Masters and practitioners of Chinese Medicine wondered therefore, if there could be some way to slow down the consumption of our fundamental energy (Jing), in order to live healthier on one hand and prolong the duration of life on the other. For some, this issue went far more beyond the question of health to the cultivation of spirit, since they realized that the balancing and the cultivation of Qi determine the spirit (Shen) of the person.Their research focused on one hand on the human body, trying through observation and sensing to understand and experience the pathways in which, energy (Qi) flows and how and when we exhaust it. On the other hand they focused on the external energy, the energy of the surroundings and, again through experiment, observation and sensing, they found out that Qi may be absorbed from the environment, may be stored, cultivated and developed, in order to use it primarily and not waste our Jing (the fundamental energy). The Qi Gong therefore was developed gradually, having a long history, since we have references to it for about 4000 years.

In this long process many practices of Qi Gong were created, which can be classified into 5 different Schools (approaches):

1. The Daoist School: It is the most ancient school of Qigong and is the basis of the theory and practice of all other approaches. Here the ultimate goal is “the achievement of immortality…”, as soon as physical health and longevity have being achieved as a foundation to the higher practices. Of all the Qi Gong Schools, the Daoist is the most comprehensive, because it gives equal emphasis to longevity and to spiritual awareness.

2. The Confucianist School: Confucius and Mencius (Meng Tze) considered the Qigong as an important system of self-cultivation, but they approached it as a way to balance one’s mind and emotions, in order to become a better member of society.
3. The Buddhist School: The primary goal of the Buddhist School was the cultivation of the spirit for gaining enlightenment mainly through meditation. By the coming of Da Mo (Bodhidharma) from India to the Shao Lin monastery their perspective changed, as he advocated that a strong and healthy body is the foundation of spiritual growth. In that way, meditation became associated with Qi Gong and with martial arts.

4. The Medical School: Although Chinese doctors since the old days prescribed to their patients Qi Gong exercises in addition to their medicine, Medical Qi Gong flourished, in fact, in the middle of the 20th century. Nowadays, knowing its health benefits both in prevention and in treatment, Medical Qigong tends to become the dominant School of Qi Gong. We could say that there are two types of Medical Qigong: health care through the practice of Qi Gong by the practitioner himself and the emitting of therapeutic energy from the healer to the patient (Fa Qi). The latter has lately attracted the attention of scientists and it has been done already plenty of research to measure the effects of such treatment.

5. The Martial Arts School: Since the development and cultivation of Qi ( energy) has as a result vitality and a healthy and strong body, Qi Gong exercises were practiced since the very ancient times by the warriors. With Da Mo, it became more clear that using the mind (or intention) we can gain control of Qi, which we can utilize to gain fighting skills. In many of the traditional Kung Fu styles inherent practices of Qi Gong, such as “The iron fist “, ” the iron shirt “, “the method of lightness” etc. There are three specific styles, called ‘internal’ which pay particular attention to the cultivation of Qi. These are the Tai Chi Chuan, the Bagua and the Hsing I. To these, I would add the Yi Chuan.

Considering the above, we can now perhaps understand that the practices of Qi Gong differ in their objective. So, for instance, if our purpose is to achieve a very strong fist, making us able to break five bricks, then we have to practice the Iron Fist Qi Gong, but that’s all we will succeed. But if our purpose is the cultivation of Qi for health and longevity, then we need to go back to a more comprehensive method of Qi Gong, probably from the Taoist or Medical School. We must therefore make first of all our purpose clear to ourselves, before we decide to start practicing any method of Qi Gong; and we must be aware not to make our efforts to the wrong direction. It happens many times to the seeker, who is not yet in the position to know and has not the criteria to choose the right method, to loose, because of that, valuable time and money.

We would like, therefore, to give to the reader some characteristics of a more integrated approach, making him able to recognize, if a method is complete or partial, reliable or not:
The simplest thing to do is first to examine the instructor. The Great Qi Gong Master and renowned healer Zhou Ting-Jue told to the writer of this article once the following simple thing: “If someone says, that he is a Qi Gong teacher, but he is not able to emit the energy (emit Qi), then it’s a joke”. The second thing to look at, is the method itself. You should definitely ask the teacher, what should I expect by practicing this particular Qi Gong? If the answer is not focused and specific but general and vague, then it is better to continue your quest for a correct method and a proper teacher.

An integrated method of cultivation of Qi should initially contain practices related to the activation of our own energy by activating the lower Dan Tian (the energy center of vitality below the navel). It should contain at least practices of cleaning of the important meridians and practices of absorption and storage of the energy from the environment, as well as energy cultivation practices through the circulation of Qi in the body. It should include techniques of activation of the Medium Dan Tien (energy center of the heart), since this is the center used for therapeutic energy transmission. At a higher level, it should include practices related to the circulation of energy in the whole body, and practices of activation of the Upper Dan Tien (the “Third Eye “). At a more spiritual level now, it should include practices related to the activation and opening of the energy center of the crown (Bai Hui), connecting the practitioner thereby in a constant basis with the Yang energies of the Sky. If someone gets to this level, then he gains access to more spiritual fields and to new paths of practice.

Throughout this interesting trip the sensations, that one feels in his body and the skills, that he develops, are specific and not vague and they relate each time to the level of the practitioner. We feel the Qi flow and the gradual opening of the energy centers in our bodies in very certain ways. Therefore we need an instructor or a guide, who precedes, who have already gone the path, so that he can give us guidance; that he can, for example, explain to us about the senses we may feel, such as numbness or tickle, warm or cold, undue sweating or headache, insomnia or cough, dizziness or itching, sense of heaviness or lightness, bursts of laughter or crying, involuntary movements and many other. Do these reactions show progress or are they a result of false practicing?

Hopefully, we can now realize that cultivating Energy is not that simple. It takes much focus and carefulness by the student and much experience by the instructor, firstly to avoid mistakes and secondly to help us being always aware of our position on the path.

(for any question call, 0030 6944322432, or
e-mail: kallirroon@gmail.com, www.shaolinkungfu.gr/qigong)

Καλή νέα σχολική χρονιά!!!

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Αν το παιδί σας θέλετε να αποκτήσει αυτοπεποίθηση και θετική αίσθηση για τη ζωή, να καλλιεργήσει τη μαχητικότητα και όχι τη βία, την αποτελεσματική αυτοάμυνα συνδυασμένη με σωφροσύνη (μια έννοια που σήμερα -περισσότερο από ποτέ- οφείλουμε να την ανασύρουμε από την αχρηστία), αν το παιδί σας το συναρπάζει ο όμορφος κόσμος των αυθεντικών μαχητικών τεχνών, τότε σας περιμένουμε στο ΚΑΛΛΙΡΡΟΟΝ (Λεβήνου 71, Θέρισσος, τηλ: 6944322432) για περισσότερες πληροφορίες και εγγραφές κάθε Δευτέρα, Τετάρτη και Παρασκευή από τις 7:00-9:30 μ.μ.
Έναρξη μαθημάτων παιδικών τμημάτων: Δευτέρα 9 Σεπτεμβρίου, στις 7:00 μ.μ.

Ενημερωθείτε για το νέο τμήμα μας για ηλικίες 4-6 ετών. Συνδυάζοντας το Kung Fu με το παιχνίδι, μαθαίνει το παιδί σας αρχικά να εντάσσεται σε μια ομάδα, να συμμετέχει, να αποκτά καλύτερη αίσθηση του σώματός του και σιγά σιγά να μαθαίνει τις βασικές αρχές της μαχητικής μας τέχνης.
Καλή μας σχολική χρονιά!!

Κάνετε δώρο στον εαυτό σας μια συνεδρία Σιάτσου

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Πότε να κάνω Σιάτσου;

Όταν έχω

  • Ανησυχία και νευρικότητα
  • Αϋπνίες
  • Πόνους στο σώμα, όπως στην πλάτη, στη λεκάνη, στο λαιμό, στους ώμους κλπ.
  • Πονοκεφάλους και ημικρανίες
  • Ζητήματα εμμηνόρροιας
  • Σε ιδιαίτερα επιβαρυμένες φάσεις
  • Μελαγχολική διάθεση
  • Κούραση και εξάντληση
  • Προβλήματα χώνεψης και μεταβολισμού
  • Για αναζωογόνηση
  • Για ενίσχυση του ανοσοποιητικού
  • Για υποστήριξη φάσεων αλλαγής στη ζωή μας
  •  Ή απλά για την προσωπική μας ευχαρίστηση


Η φροντίδα στον εαυτό μας είναι υγεία, δεν είναι πολυτέλεια.

Τηλ. επικοινωνίας: 6944322432 (Μάνος Ταμιωλάκης)

Tian Jue Qi Gong Seminar in Vienna / Σεμινάριο “Τσι Κουνγκ της Μακροζωίας” στη Βιέννη

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Οι ασκούμενοι του Τσι Κουνγκ της Μακροζωίας ολοένα αυξάνονται στην Ευρώπη. Ο Μάνος Ταμιωλάκης είχε τη χαρά να διδάξει το πρώτο επίπεδο της συγκεκριμένης Μεθόδου στην Βιέννη, μετά από πρόσκληση του Nord Shaolin Kung Fu School στις 15-17 Αυγούστου. Οι συμμετέχοντες είχαν την ευκαιρία να συζητήσουν με το Μάνο γύρω από το θέμα της απορρόφησης και της αύξησης του Τσι, γύρω από τα οφέλη του Τσι Κουνγκ στην υγεία μας και γύρω από το θέμα του ανοίγματος των ενεργειακών κέντρων στα υψηλότερα επίπεδα της πρακτικής βέβαια. Τέλος διδάχτηκαν όλα τα πρότυπα άσκησης του πρώτου επιπέδου. Ορισμένοι από τους μαθητές αξιοποίησαν περισσότερο το Μάνο Ταμιωλάκη ζητώντας του να τους διδάξει και τις “Οκτώ μικρές παλάμες” του Πάκουα, κάτι το οποίο έκανε με μεγάλη ευχαρίστηση.

Ανανέωσαν το ραντεβού τους στο κοντινό μέλλον, προκειμένου να εξασκηθούν μαζί ξανά και να σταθεροποιήσουν τη σχέση που μόλις ξεκίνησαν.

The practicioners of Tian Jue Qigong are becoming more and more in Europe. Manos Tamiolakis had the opportunity to teach the elementary level of the method in Vienna after an invitation from the Nord Shaolin Kung Fu School at 15-17 of August. The participants had the opportunity to discuss with Manos about absorbing and increasing Qi, about the benefits of this Qigong to our health and about the opening of the energy centers in its higher levels of practicing.

At the same time and after a request of a couple of students Manos taught them the “Small eight Palms” of Bagua.

Manos and the participants of the seminar will meet again in the close future, practice together and make this connection more stable.

1st international Tian Jue Qi Gong seminar in Crete (July 2013)

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Master Zhou Ting Jue’s wish and instruction to Manos Tamiolakis is to spread the Tian Jue Qi Gong in Europe. People from Greece, Norway and Germany came together for the first time in the beautiful Palaiochora in Crete to study the elementary level of our Qi Gong method. The participants were taught about the three treasures (san bao), Jing (essence), Qi (energy) and Shen (spirit) and how Qi Gong helps to preserve Jing, cultivate the Qi and nourish the shen. They were able to learn and practise the first level of Tian Jue Qi Gong and Manos made at the end a small demonstration of fa Qi (emitting Qi). It was a joyfull weekend with much learning, practising, meditating, communicating and swimming in the blue sea waters of southern Crete. May all get healthier by practicing Tian Jue Qi Gong.

Εξετάσεις ζωνών παιδικού τμήματος 2013 / Belt examinations of children class

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Την Παρασκευή στις 28 Ιουνίου πραγματοποιήθηκαν οι εξετάσεις για τις ζώνες στο παιδικό τμήμα του Kung Fu. Φέτος στις εξετάσεις είχαμε τη χαρά να έχουμε μαζί μας και το Sifu Alexander Hammerschmied από τη Σχολή της Βιέννης. Οι γονείς των μαθητών είχαν την ευκαιρία να παρακολουθήσουν τα αποτελέσματα της προσπάθειας όλης της χρονιάς των παιδιών τους ενώ στο τέλος οι μικροί μας μαχητές επέδειξαν και τις ικανότητές τους στη μάχη, αφού το Long Fist Praying Mantis Kung Fu δεν είναι ένα “θεωρητικό” στυλ, που εξαντλείται μόνο στην εκμάθηση των ταολού (προτύπων μαχητικών κινήσεων). Καλό ανέμελο καλοκαίρι σε όλους τους μικρούς μας μαχητές και σας περιμένουμε όλους την πρώτη εβδομάδα του Σεπτεμβρίου.

On Friday the 28th of June the belt examinations for children class took place in KALLIRROON-Chinese Martial Arts Kung Fu school. This year we had the pleasure to have with us Sifu Alexander Hammerscmied of the Vienna Kung Fu school. The parents of our children had the opportunity to see the efforts of their children in the Long Fist Praying Mantis Kung Fu, not only in the Taolus but in fighting too. We wish our little fighters a happy relaxing summer and we are expecting you all back at the first week of September.

Interview with Master Zhou Ting-Jue (by Carol Hiltner)

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Riddle: What do Drunvalo and the Dalai Lama have in common?

Answer: Lots, we all know. But beyond that, they have both experienced the healing hands of Master Zhou.


Carol: Welcome! Considering your extraordinary abilities, what is your role regarding humanity at this time?

Master Zhou: I am just like regular people in society. However, the qigong method is very effective. I’m very interested in qigong exercises and practice and would like to contribute whatever I know to society. I like to teach people qigong, and to help everyone get a healthy body.


Carol: How is it that you came to the United States?

Master Zhou: I was invited here to be in a film, but while I was coming to the U.S, the director was going to China to look for me, so we missed each other and the film wasn’t made. But friends here recognized my ability, and they arranged for me to stay. Now I am a U.S. citizen. I do travel back to China to visit my mother, but people in the United States want me to be here, so mostly, I am here.


Carol: As a “regular person,” is it your estimation that every human can have the same powers that you have? If so, how?

Master Zhou: Qigong is not unreachable. If you study hard and follow my instructions, you will be as good as I am. It is different to learn from a master than to learn from a book. In qigong, posture is one of the most important elements. A book will show pictures, but that’s different from working with a master. When a student is doing the practice, it is hard for the student to see whether a posture is correct or not, but I am able to immediately correct a student’s posture.

If the posture is incorrect, the amount of energy flow in your body will be different, and sometimes you will be blocked. When you are standing wrong, it is like closing the channel and the energy won’t go in. I open channels for you and emit energy into your body, so you have fast progress.


Carol: So, do you help people to heal mainly by correcting their posture?

Master Zhou: In a class, I look at each student individually, because different people have different problems. So I give them different exercises to open different channels that will balance the energy in their bodies. Beyond correcting their posture, I also give deep energy during the class to help people to heal. For example, people who have high blood pressure or who have neurological problems can be doing the same exercises, but their requirements will be different.


Carol: Is there a difference between a healing session such as you did with the Dalai Lama, and when you are training people in qigong?

Master Zhou: They are different things. The main purpose of doing qigong for health is to absorb good energy from the universe. For a healing treatment, I myself get energy from the universe and emit it from my palms to the patient’s body to the place or symptom that needs help. For the most effective healing, we need to combine the qigong exercise with the technique of emitting energy.

When I am treating patients, it is not necessary to use extremely hot energy. It depends on the patient. Sometimes the patient needs cold energy. There are many qigong healers, but the method I have developed is different from others. I use qi energy and other different types of energy for healing a patient. I use many methods to detect a problem. Besides my third eye, I sometimes listen, and sometimes use the wisdom from Buddhism and Taoism.

For example, maybe a student wants to communicate with a spirit in heaven during her meditation, but she cannot get a connection. I can bring the spirit down from the heaven to her. I ask her, “Can you see him?” She says, “Yes.”

I say, “How come, when he asks you a question, you don’t answer?” And the patient says, “I can’t hear him.” So I check her body and find out that she got an injury. She can only see, but not hear. It’s like a wire that got cut off so the energy doesn’t go through.


Carol: I watched the “Ripley’s Believe It or Not” video (www.firechigong.com/videos.html) that shows you emitting high heat from your hands. How does this relate to your healing work?

Master Zhou: It is a demonstration of the power so that people can see it, because qi is normally invisible. People love to see this performance.


Carol: Do you use qi to keep yourself warm when it’s cold outside?

Master Zhou: [laughing] It’s more efficient for me to light paper with qi and let it heat me than to use qi to keep me warm.

Using qi to keep your body warm is only for certain times. The universe is so big and you are so small, and you only have a certain amount of energy inside your body. Maybe I can last longer than other people, but we all have our limits. The best way is to practice qigong to strengthen your immune system, to make your body very healthy so you don’t get sick easily.


Carol: Thank you, Master Zhou! Is there anything further that you would like to communicate to the readers of this interview?

Master Zhou: I wish everybody a healthy life, and a healthy body through practicing qigong. And not only through qigong, because after you practice for a long time and advance more and more, you realize more things by yourself.

I hope that this article will help spread the art of qigong to everyone to make everyone healthy. I travel many places and I see that people need qigong because of lack of exercise and lack of energy in modern society. So I teach people qigong and encourage them to practice it every day to strengthen their immune system and stay healthy.

Φωτογραφίες των μαθητών. Some photos of the students.

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Καλή χρονιά του Φιδιού! Happy New Year of the Snake!

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Την Κυριακή 10 Φεβρουαρίου είχαμε την κινέζικη Πρωτοχρονιά! Μπήκαμε στο έτος του Φιδιού γι’ αυτό και γιορτάσαμε αναλόγως στο ΚΑΛΛΙΡΡΟΟΝ. Ευχόμαστε σε όλους υγεία, ειρήνη και καλή εξάσκηση!

On Sunday, February 10, we entered the Chinese New Year, the year of Snake! Therefore, as it should be, we celebrated in KALLIRROON. We wish you health, peace and happy training!

Σπουδή στο Τσι Κουνγκ (Qi Gong) της Μακροζωίας (Longevity Qi Gong Studies in KALLIRROON)

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Σπουδή στο Τσι Κουνγκ (Qi Gong)

της Μακροζωίας

Νοιώσε την Ενέργεια

Εξασκώντας το Tian-Jue Qi Gong 

Έχεις σκεφτεί ποτέ ότι θα μπορούσες να απορροφάς ενέργεια από το περιβάλλον σου; Έχεις σκεφτεί ποτέ ότι θα μπορούσες να χειρίζεσαι αυτήν την ενέργεια για θετικούς σκοπούς, όπως το να βοηθάς άλλους ή να θεραπεύεις; Τι πιστεύεις για τη μακροζωία; Πιστεύεις ότι θα μπορούσες να ζήσεις με υγεία και να αυξήσεις τη διάρκεια της ζωής σου; Εάν αυτά θα μπορούσε να τα πετύχει ο καθένας, θα άξιζε να προσπαθήσεις;

Είμαστε στην ευχάριστη θέση να ανακοινώσουμε την έναρξη Σπουδής στο Τσι Κουνγκ (Chi Kung) με το Μάνο Ταμιωλάκη,  δάσκαλο του Τσι Κουνγκ και μαθητή του  φημισμένου μεγάλου Δασκάλου και θεραπευτή Zhou Ting-Jue (81ετών). Το Τσι Κουνγκ της Μακροζωίας είναι ένα διαβαθμισμένο ολοκληρωμένο  σύστημα τεσσάρων επιπέδων που οδηγεί σταδιακά σε αύξηση της ενέργειας και σε καλύτερη υγεία. Ο Μάνος είναι ο μοναδικός στην Ευρώπη που έχει άδεια από τον ίδιο το Δάσκαλο να διδάξει αυτό το σύστημα Τσι Κουνγκ, που προέρχεται από τα μοναστήρια του Wudang της Κίνας.

Διδάσκεται σε ιδιαίτερα μαθήματα κατόπιν συνεννόησης.

Διαβάστε περισσότερα για τα επίπεδα και τη διαβάθμισή τους στην ιστοσελίδα της Σχολής μας (http://shaolinkungfu.gr/qigong) ή επικοινωνήστε ελεύθερα στο τηλέφωνο 6944322432.  

Qi Gong Studies in KALLIRROON

Feel the energy

By studying the Longevity (Tian-Jue) Qi Gong 

Have you ever thought about absorbing the energy of your surroundings? Have you ever thought about manipulating the energy for a good purpose like helping others or healing? What do you think about longevity? Could it be possible to live healthy and expand your lifespan? If all these could be achieved by anyone, would it be worth trying?


We are happy to announce the start of the Qi Gong (Chi Kung) Studies with the Qi Gong teacher Manos Tamiolakis, disciple of the renowned 81 years old Master Zhou Ting-Jue. The Longevity Qi Gong is a 4 levels graded complete Qi Gong System, which leads gradually into energy increase and better health. Manos  is the only one in Europe, who has permission from Master Zhou to teach the Tian-Jue Qi Gong, which originally comes  from the Wudang temples of China.

Manos  teaches it in private lessons or seminars in Crete and anywhere in Europe after arrangement.

Read more about the different levels on the website of our school http://shaolinkungfu.gr/qigong or contact us by phone (0030 6944322432) or e-mail (kallirroon@yahoo.gr)