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Wellday- Live Longevity in cooperation with Kallirroon invite you to a 3day retreat event in the peaceful nature of Tsagarada village in eastern Pelion, to the hosted in the serene establishment of 12 Months Luxury Resort.

Date: Friday 12th to Sunday 14th of October 2018
Place: 12 Months Luxury Resort, Tsagarada Pelion
Theme: The Hero Within

Often in life we are called to face obstacles, delays and other sorts of frustrations and disappointments that seem to temporarily challenge our most cherished expectations, as well as longtime held views and ideas that we foster since our early years. During these demanding times it is critical to remember that we are here in this particular journey for a reason and life itself is our best ally in the process of unfolding the meaning of every single day that passes by. The meaning behind our personal growth and evolution that sometimes involves experiences that from a micro perspective seem and feel like pain, loss and discomfort, but from a macro perspective can represent milestones of tremendous potential, inner growth and wisdom.
Autumn is traditionally a season of deep introspection and re-orientation when we are called to remember who we truly are and how we express and apply our creative individuality, in all aspects of daily life. The scope of this workshop is to meaningfully guide us learn how to:

• identify and heal our wounded parts and avoid repeating patterns of sadness and resistance that that sooner or later lead to illness and block the natural flow of vitality.

• experience life from a place of inner resilience and gratitude using outer limitations as a fuel to connect with the inner archetype of the Hero, we all carry within

• lead the process of redefining and reconnecting with our Higher Purpose and find practical ways of expression in all aspects of our daily physical, material, professional, emotional, mental/ educational and spiritual life

– Wellness tools/methods:
– Gentle Meridian exercises
– Tai Chi, Qigong, Shiatsu
– Breathing
– Mental & Emotional Purification
– Stress & Anger Management
– Relaxation
– Meditation

Daily schedule:
Friday 12th:
09:30 departure from Athens
13:00 arrival at 12 Months Luxury Resort/check in
13:30-15:00 lunch
16:00-19:00 introduction/ evening lecture and practice with Manos & Marianne
20:00 dinner time

Saturday 13th:
08.00-09.00 breakfast at the hotel
09.30-13:30 morning lecture and practice with Marianne
13:30-15:00 lunch
15:30-17:30 evening lecture and practice with Manos
18:00-20:00 personal wellness sessions (optional/prior booking required)
20:00 dinner time

Sunday 14th: 
08.00-09.00 breakfast at the hotel
09.30-13:30 morning lecture and practice with Manos
13:30-15:00 lunch
15:00-16:30 evening lecture and practice with
17:00 check out/departure from Pelion
21:00 arrival to Athens
Marianne Chrysikakou: Wellness Expert, Wellday Live Longevity
Manos Tamiolakis: Martial Arts & Shiatsu Trainer, Kallirroon

Prices and registration:
Standard Retreat package:
2bedroom suite/breakfast/transportation: 290€ per person
3bedroom suite/breakfast/transportation: 265€ per person
4bedroom suite/breakfast/transportation: 245€ per person

Personalized Wellness Sessions:
Marianne: Personal Wellness Consultation: 85€
Ginger Compress & Meridian Massage Treatment: 65€
Manos: Shiatsu Treatment: 55€

All prices are tax inclusive

to book your participation to the retreat you can contact us at or
to book your personal wellness session you can contact us at prior to your coming, as availability is limited.
for any other information or query you can call us at +302106250326

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