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International summer seminar
at the beautiful REINE of the LOFOTEN ISLANDS in NORWAY

Quansheng qigong (全生)

11.– 14. AUGUST 2016

Feel the energy

Quansheng Qigong (Qigong of the Integrated Existence) is the essence of many years of study and practice of Emmanuel (Manos) Tamiolakis with important Masters and teachings. The main target of this process is to fully develop the energy potential of the practitioner. This can be accomplished, if the practitioner cleans and activates his energy centers (chakras), his energy meridians and his aura and learns how to connect with the qi of the environment (in order to (re-)charge himself) through correct alignment, stillness of the mind and correct breathing. Only then, free from any obstacles and fully activated, we can say that we are living a life in our full potentiality. We have to learn to accumulate Qi, so that there will be always a Qi reserve, which then has to be cultivated and strengthened through the microcosmic and macrocosmic orbit and other meditational and dynamic practices. This will lead to better health and to a slowdown of aging and it will additionally have a great benefit to all the other facets of the life of the practitioner.

Once the chakras are activated, this increases the feeling of pleasure and inner power, the sense of love, the ability of communication, the clarity of thought and the connection to spirituality. All these qualities influence greatly the improvement of the conditions of everyone’s life in all areas and create the sense of an integrated existence.

In this seminar the participants will learn:

  • Basic theory for Qigong and how it promotes longevity, good health and slowing of the aging
  • How to utilize the natural and the reverse breathing depending on what the practitioner wants to do with his/her energy (Qi)
  • How to charge the ethereal body and how to create a shell of protection
  • How to connect to the environmental energies and absorb Qi
  • How to store the Qi in the second chakra (Dan Tien)
  • Meditation for brain activation
  • Meditation of cleaning the aura and rejuvenating of the ethereal body
  • Mantra for cleaning and activation of the 1st, 2nd , 3rd and 4th Chakra and the theory about.
  • Exercises for discharge, necessary after every practice



The seminar will take place in the beautiful REINE, LOFOTEN ISLANDS, NORWAY,
a place with gorgeous view over mountains and sea.



For more information, see pg: www.shaolinkungfu.gr/seminars

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