1st international Tian Jue Qi Gong seminar in Crete (July 2013)

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Master Zhou Ting Jue’s wish and instruction to Manos Tamiolakis is to spread the Tian Jue Qi Gong in Europe. People from Greece, Norway and Germany came together for the first time in the beautiful Palaiochora in Crete to study the elementary level of our Qi Gong method. The participants were taught about the three treasures (san bao), Jing (essence), Qi (energy) and Shen (spirit) and how Qi Gong helps to preserve Jing, cultivate the Qi and nourish the shen. They were able to learn and practise the first level of Tian Jue Qi Gong and Manos made at the end a small demonstration of fa Qi (emitting Qi). It was a joyfull weekend with much learning, practising, meditating, communicating and swimming in the blue sea waters of southern Crete. May all get healthier by practicing Tian Jue Qi Gong.

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